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Chris Peterson is Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Assistant Stage Manager, and was on the Northern leg of last week’s split tour. Here’s his diary, in which we can at last reveal the results of the boat race!

Firstly, following on from Claire’s blog, I would like to take this opportunity to announce the winners of the Boys v Girls boat race in York. It is with great pleasure that I can confirm that this year, the boys won!! (‘by a mile’!) I think it is safe to say that the boys were sporting winners, and in no way was this brought up and bragged about for days after!

We were super lucky with the weather, both in Durham and York, which are both beautiful places in the sunshine. I even had time before the Saturday matinee for a spot of sunbathing with El Morgan [Senior Lighting Technician] in the park next to York Minster!

The tour was extra special for me, as it bought about my first opportunity to call a show for Birmingham Royal Ballet. This involved doing all the backstage calls, Front-of-house bells, and cueing the lighting, sound and flys. Although I have done this before, never have I done it for a company as big as BRB, so the pressure was really on! And obviously, with the lack of words in the performance, it meant me following the score to know where the cues were, which is something I had never done before. As I don’t play any instruments and haven’t had a proper music lesson since Year 9 at school, this made the whole thing even more of a challenge! But all this considered, I think I did well (although you’ll have to ask Diana [Childs, Senior Stage Manager] for an honest answer!).


Next week’s split tour features enchanting excerpts from both The Sleeping Beauty and Coppélia. For younger memebers of the audience, we’ve posted two activity sheets below.

As well as completing the puzzle on each sheet and colouring it in, we’ve left the heads blank so you can add in the face of a member of your family and make them into a ballerina! The first activity sheet features Princess Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty, while the second features Swanilda from Coppélia pretending to be a clockwork doll!

Click here for details of performances in Yeovil and Truro
Click here for details of performances in Durham and York

We’re splitting up again!

But just for one tour!

Birmingham Royal Ballet are once again splitting in two, to perform simultaneously in the North East and South West of England. The tour begins on 19 April in both Durham and Yeovil, with a programme including one-act ballets performed alongside excerpts from full-length classics.

To count down the week between now and the opening night, we’ll be posting daily updates here on the tour blog, featuring some of the different works being performed.

To start us off here’s a video clip in which David Bintley and Peter Wright discuss Peter’s production work on our classical pieces. Included in video is footage of Coppélia and The Sleeping Beauty, excerpts from which are included in the programme for both the Northern and Southern tour!

Click here for details of performances in Yeovil and Truro
Click here for details of performances in Durham and York

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