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Our tour to both the North East and the South West opens tomorrow in Yeovil and Durham. One of the things that’s been most challenging in rehearsing for this tour has been preparing to perform on two different stages in less than one week.

The dancers need keen spacial awareness to ensure that they maintain clean lines and placement in the various performance spaces. As you can see from the example in the picture below, our studios have been marked out showing the exact dimensions of the different theatres!

As well as following Birmingham Royal Ballet, those of you on twitter can also follow each of the four venues on this tour. Click the links below to see what they’re saying right now:



Next week’s split tour features enchanting excerpts from both The Sleeping Beauty and Coppélia. For younger memebers of the audience, we’ve posted two activity sheets below.

As well as completing the puzzle on each sheet and colouring it in, we’ve left the heads blank so you can add in the face of a member of your family and make them into a ballerina! The first activity sheet features Princess Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty, while the second features Swanilda from Coppélia pretending to be a clockwork doll!

Click here for details of performances in Yeovil and Truro
Click here for details of performances in Durham and York

We’re splitting up again!

But just for one tour!

Birmingham Royal Ballet are once again splitting in two, to perform simultaneously in the North East and South West of England. The tour begins on 19 April in both Durham and Yeovil, with a programme including one-act ballets performed alongside excerpts from full-length classics.

To count down the week between now and the opening night, we’ll be posting daily updates here on the tour blog, featuring some of the different works being performed.

To start us off here’s a video clip in which David Bintley and Peter Wright discuss Peter’s production work on our classical pieces. Included in video is footage of Coppélia and The Sleeping Beauty, excerpts from which are included in the programme for both the Northern and Southern tour!

Click here for details of performances in Yeovil and Truro
Click here for details of performances in Durham and York