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Here are some back-stage photos from the day we arrived at the Hall for Cornwall, Truro last week, taken by Eliska Robenn, Deputy Stage Manager.


As well as being the travel day and the Truro get-in, the Thursday of the SW tour was Arthur [Lewis, Stage Technician]’s birthday – and a rather special one to boot!

Word had spread around the Company and plans had been made! I wasn’t entirely truthful when I told Arthur where the coach to Truro was departing from and so whilst a few of us gathered at the ‘meeting point’ and bemoaned the driver’s poor timekeeping, the rest of the Technical team were round the corner decorating the coach with balloons, streamers and banners. Arthur was finally led round to the coach and greeted in a shower of party poppers (all diligently cleared from the pavements of Yeovil before we departed!) before heading off. Once we arrived in Truro, Arthur was given his ‘birthday sash’ and the bundle of balloons (see picture) ready to head off to the theatre with birthday greetings from complete strangers along the way! There was even a busker with a set of bagpipes to ‘pipe’ Arthur’s arrival!

Things quietened down a bit after that and Arthur could have been forgiven for thinking that he’d got off lightly. However, we weren’t having any of that and before class the assembled Company gave a rousing chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ along with cake, card, and even balloons descending from the grid for the occasion! After the presentation of a mop bucket full of very appropriate presents ingeniously sourced by Eliska (Robenn, Deputy Stage Manager) and Sarah (Burton, Wardrobe Assistant), the dancers were allowed to carry on with class and Arthur got to open his presents in the sunshine!


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