The second Monday in the office. We were preparing for a similar week with a different show. Sleeping Beauty was taking over the Birmingham Hippodrome as the get in began on Sunday.

As I checked my emails there was a development with the Contemporary Issues and Arts Management module for LIPA, as well as notification of rehearsal change from Actors and emails from internal BRB staff. Regarding the idea of Hannah, Georgia and myself hosting Simon Harper, Media and PR Manager as our speaker, Phil Saxe (our Lecturer) was good to go. He seemed pleased with the idea, as did Hannah and Georgia so I arranged lunch with Simon for Friday to discuss the next stage.

Before the Director’s Appeal audiences were scheduled to attend the Orchestra Rehearsal, Cast Sheets were double checked and sent to print.

Tuesday began with the arrival of this week’s Sleeping Beauty actors. They were extremely eager and arrived early, allowing the wardrobe department to complete their costume and shoe fittings in advance.

Things went quiet in the afternoon so I kept myself occupied with the Crew Calls I had completed last week on all The Nutcracker schedules. As Paul Grace (Technical Director) had suggested, I added colour (got a bit too carried away) and removed colour. I also continued with research for my Organisational Analysis, interestingly I discovered specific Arts Council Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

As the day continued, cast sheets were checked, to do lists were made and taxis were booked. During the Piano Rehearsal Paul Grist enlightened me on how to manage my office speaker (i.e. turn it on!) and I was now able to listen to the sounds from the Orchestra Pit. As I ventured to get something for my tea (dinner to anyone not Northern!) the countryside girl in me realised the downsides to city living – the lack of Asda’s! However, my spirits were lifted when Paul and myself discussed possible topics for two of my University modules – Contemporary Issues in Arts Management (CIAM) and my Management Research Paper. The change from paper reviews to online and social media, something my potential CIAM speaker, Simon Harper (Media and PR Manager), would know plenty about as well as Rob Lindsay (New Media Officer). This also tied in well with my original idea to discuss the commercialisation of the dance industry and all the consequences and effects of this. Paul also pointed me in the right direction of staff members that could help with my Organisational Analysis module with and the KPIs I had recently discovered for the Arts Council.

Wednesday Matinee and I was acting Company Manager. To prepare I ensured I knew all FOH contacts, retrieved the radio and suited myself up with plenty of time to spare. During the first interval, as I made an appearance to FOH, one of the duty managers, Craig, passed on an audience member query about upcoming Strobe lights. Luckily, memory didn’t fail me and I recalled they were towards the end of Act I during Carabosse’s appearance. However, I double-checked with my notes and Stage staff who confirmed this. I also noted that during the Curtain Calls there was to be BBC filming for the upcoming documentary. This was when my responsibilities for this afternoon’s performance ended with the delivery of flowers to Diana (Senior Stage Manager) for Momoko Hirata who was debuting as Princess Aurora.

More life lessons with a different photocopier occurred as Paul taught me many more tricks of the trade, this time filling the photocopier’s paper trays!

I was lucky enough to watch Sleeping Beauty for a second time that evening. I used the opportunity to test my knowledge as I tried to match every dancer with a name, during the intervals I then checked back in my office on the BRB website (

Thursday began with the effort to minimise tasks for Friday as that would be a busy day with 2 performances and a Nutcracker rehearsal! Also, tasks for Paul Grace (Technical Director) were completed as I sent Ben Leveson (Head of Stage) the Crew Calls for Nutcracker 13,  updated the General Technical Information and Requirements sheet that is provided to the Hippodrome and  designed a 2013/4 season header page for his mass folder of Technical Schedules. Paul approved of my splash of colour and reformat!

Friday arrived and disappeared. It went incredibly fast – it was an extremely busy day! My desk was taken over with sticky notes that lost their purpose as I no longer took notice of the sea of yellow paper surrounding me. I had an exciting meeting with Simon Harper who confirmed to be Georgia, Hannah and myself’s CIAM speaker.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Nutcracker parents and children, their enthusiasm was enriching and I was looking forward to attending Elmhurst School for Dance for the Saturday rehearsal. As many licence applications were completed as possible.

Before the rehearsal at Elmhurst I organised anything I may need over the weekend, acquired numbers for future Actor’s, printed paperwork, packed the Technical Director Assistant’s folder and a past Organisational Analysis essay. During the rehearsal at Elmhurst I watched the children pick up choreography quicker than I ever could and gathered information for Michael Clifford, Shoe Supervisor, as all the girls tried on Ballet Shoes during a break. Arriving back at Birmingham Royal Ballet I prepared my office for my return Monday morning before we would be jetting off to London – something I couldn’t wait for!

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