In two weeks’ time, Birmingham Royal Ballet will be touring to Sunderland and London, with performances of the classical charmer Coppélia.

When the piece was performed in Birmingham in 2011, it became the subject of a collaborative project between 27 different designers, who each created original artwork based upon its plot.

Contributors weren’t required to present Coppélia as a ballet, and many had not previously seen the production.

The results were revealed on 13 June 2011 at, where they are still available to view.

Speaking of the collection, Birmingham Royal Ballet’s New Media Officer, Rob Lindsay, said:

‘The response from the contributors was overwhelming, and the volume and diversity of ideas was amazing. It was great to see how everybody brought their own skills and styles to the brief, producing a collection that was better than anyone involved could ever have dared hope for.’

Following last year’s project, a new collection of artwork is also due to be unveiled this evening, this time inspired by Hobson’s Choice. The new pieces will be posted on the project site at