The Pony in our current performances of La Fille mal gardée is indeed Peregrine, the same pony used by the Royal Ballet for their production. Claire Lishman, our Media and PR Officer, met Peregrine last week in London and writes:

‘I met Peregrine for the first time this week and instantly fell in love with him. His fringe is brilliant – I’m sure it shields him from all the drama that’s part and parcel of working in the theatre, and of course everybody’s lining up to give him some fuss and attention.

He comes from a proud line of performing ponies – his predecessor was called Lise, named after the lead character in La Fille mal gardé. Even though Shetland Ponies are famed for being small, I couldn’t believe just how small he is – I’m having to crouch down in the photo above just to get us both in shot. His small stature not only makes him extra cute, but means that on the rare ocassions when the dancer leading him onto the stage has found his foot caught beneath a hoof, they tend to escape without any serious injury!

When not performing, Peregrine is taken for walks outside (he is always looking for some grass… not an easy task in some cities we visit!), and he has his own area backstage to rest in, where he has his hay and treats. Because he’s so tiny and docile, he generally doesn’t need much space and as long as he’s kept well fed he’s happy. A number of people in London and Sunderland spotted him out and about around the theatre, so if you’re in Plymouth this week keep an eye out too!

Click here for details of our final performances of La Fille mal gardée in Plymouth tonight and tomorrow.

You can also find out more about Peregrine over on the Theatre Royal Plymouth’s backstage blog!