I write this from my own bedroom in Birmingham having arrived back from Dublin safe and sound this afternoon. Officially I am no longer a member of Birmingham Royal Ballet and whilst the thought saddens me I am excited by the prospect of what’s to come. I also know I have the full support of everyone here and I can’t express how encouraging and pleasing it is to know that.

The last couple of days were extremely eventful! Amongst the shows we had a couple of company parties and plenty to talk about what with people leaving and people being promoted! I don’t want to spill the beans before everything is made official but I would like to congratulate all those who have been promoted and to wish the best of luck to all who are moving on. Exciting times!

Friday night’s performance was a very special one for me, performing the role of Franz alongside my lovely colleague and friend, Natasha Oughtred. I had a wonderful time onstage with everyone and especially with Tash who I have enjoyed working with so much during my time here. The audience were very welcoming and warm which made for a very nice atmosphere.

The company party, also on Friday night, was a huge success. Thanks to all involved with organisation. We had the pleasure of a live Irish band performing for us and they were absolutely fantastic! You couldn’t help but stamp along to the music and eventually everyone was up dancing and having a great time. My favourite moment was the dance off between Oliver Till and Chris Peterson…Irish Style. Brilliant. Which reminds me, the accordian playing female member of the band would get down from stage every now and again and show off her awesome Irish dancing skills! We were all massively impressed and entertained.

The final two shows on Saturday marked the end of a very long yet successful season and I’m pleased to say the shows went well. I marked my final performance as member of Birmingham Royal Ballet with an unscheduled performance as the female Flower Seller in Act I. Fully equipped with fake breasts and bonnet, I waltzed my way across stage trying not to draw too much attention to myself … apparently, despite my best make up efforts, it is very difficult to disguise the five o’clock shadow and manly jaw even with a bonnet! It was great fun seeing the other company members suprised faces when they clocked who I was! I also performed the role of Lead Combat that evening and it was nice to be involved in the final curtain call of a very special season.

It is with mixed emotions that I wind this up. I am sad that my time here has come to end but also tremendously excited about what the future holds. I would like to offer my thanks to Rob Lindsay for asking me to provide this blog, I have enjoyed it immensely, and also to all at Birmingham Royal Ballet for giving me an exceptionally fulfilling and happy six years.

Finally, to the wonderful supporters of Birmingham Royal Ballet, a big, huge thank you.

Alexander Campbell