The Maldron Hotel on Cardiff Lane couldn’t be located much closer to the Grand Canal Theatre, five minutes to walk door to door would be far too generous. This suits me (and I suspect most of the company) just fine, and I’m pleased to report that the rooms are perfectly comfortable.

The Grand Canal Theatre seems to be very new and is extremely well put together. The backstage areas are clean and airy and the dressing rooms are very nice. I am happy to be sharing my final few days on tour with Joseph Caley as my dressing room buddy, this despite him addressing me only by my new nickname (thought up by Joe himself) ‘Traitor’. This is all in good jest and is in keeping with our normal relationship of friendly banter. I will surely miss it.

The Grand Canal Theatre auditorium is big without being daunting. Having sat through the orchestra rehearsal this afternoon I enjoyed the acoustics and the comfortable chairs.

Another bonus point for the theatre is the Fresh Good Food Market near the front of house. A fair few company members discovered this shop and everyone enjoyed having access to good simple fresh food. I’m fairly certain I will stop by there again tomorrow.

I’m afraid I will have to stop there as Mock the Week has just started on BBC2. A favourite of mine.

Enjoying Dublin and looking forward to the performance with Natasha tomorrow,

Alexander Campbell

Alexander dances the role of Franz in Coppélia tonight at the Grand Canal Theatre. Click here to book your tickets.