The Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, who played with Birmingham Royal Ballet during our recent international dates, recently contacted Conductors Paul Murphy and Philip Ellis to express their appreciation for the chance to play with the Company. Here is a copy of their email, along with a photo explaining the safety helmet reference!

Dear Our Maestro Murphy & Maestro Ellis,

We thank you for your recent visit! The Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra spent a very happy time playing with you both. It was a very great honour for us to join Birmingham Royal Ballet Japan for this tour.

Many musicians cancelled their visits to Japan after the earthquake and nuclear disaster, but Birmingham Royal Ballet kept their promise. We Japanese will never forget your country’s support for Japan. Thank you so much!

We look forward to playing with both maestros in the future. We will be sure to find you a nice safety helmet! See you then. Sincerely yours.

Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra