Greetings from Japan!
After a very successful time at Kamakura, yesterday (Sunday) was the get-in day at U-Port Hall Tokyo, the first of our double-bill venues. Thankfully, U-Port backstage is a lot bigger than Kamakura, so that should make for a more pleasant couple of days! Today is piano rehearsal day, with Daphnis and Chloé being rehearsed the afternoon, followed by The Dream this evening.

As well as working hard, we have had a bit of time to see a few of the sights. For myself, this included an early morning trip to see the Great Buddha of Kamakura, a giant bronze statue in the grounds of the Kotokuin Temple. I also had time to go up the Landmark Tower in Yokohama, the 3rd tallest structure in Japan. To get to the sky garden observatory, you travel up in the worlds 2nd fastest lift. Travelling at 750 meters per minute, it only takes about 40seconds to get from floor 2 to floor 69! but unfortunately, the weather restricted my view, and by the time I left, you couldn’t see a thing out the windows!!

We have also been enjoying the local cuisine! Lots of sushi, noodles and dumplings have been consumed! Johnny, Andy, Andy, El and I enjoyed a meal out where we had to cook our own meat (and veg for Johnny) on a fire in the middle of our table, which included some tasty intestines- upper and lower, apparently!

Off to the theatre now for me. Keep your fingers crossed for us that the weather stays sunny for us now.. although reports seem to suggest some more rain. Joy.

Bye for now!

ChrisP x