Our Director David Bintley flew out to Japan earlier this month, both to prepare for our forthcoming tour dates, and to continue his work with the New National Ballet of Japan.

The weekend before last he wrote to the Company to share with us his experiences out there. His letter is reprinted below:

At long last beautiful weather has returned to Tokyo after a wet and windy week. I have watched with envy the glorious sunshine you have all been enjoying in England and wondered once more why it always seems to happen during mid scale?

After un-seasonally cold temperatures and lowering skies, Sunday saw the clouds part and the sun finally put his hat on.

I celebrated Easter Mass at Saint Ignatius and a frisson went through the worshipers as a small aftershock interrupted the sermon. Since my arrival here it was one of only three, very small tremors, and another sign, after the almost constant ‘shiftings’ of several weeks ago, that things are almost completely back to normal in Tokyo.

Nothing is in short supply, no power cuts, restaurants all thriving, vegetables being sold in the streets and a most notable change in the mood of the people as the nation begins to count it’s losses and begin the return to normal life. The only sign of austerity at the moment is a conscious attempt to conserve power. But rather than ‘switching off’ unnecessary lights, Tokyo seems to have simply removed a third of it’s light bulbs! They can afford to!

The one telling sign that anything ever occurred however is the emptiness of the flights to Tokyo. My plane was a considerably smaller one than usual and still not full. More evidence that outside perceptions of the disaster and it’s after effects is far worse than the reality, and why our support of the Japanese and their economy and morale is so important.

I do hope that you all enjoyed [the recent split] tour. I hear reports that it was a great success, and simply want to assure you how completely normal life here in Tokyo is and, if the weather remains as glorious as it is now, what a fabulous and enriching experience awaits you all here in Japan.