I managed to get out of the office this week, down to Plymouth where the Company have been performing Cinderella at the Theatre Royal.

It was interesting to see how the production was translating to other stages. The performance space and backstage areas are a slightly different size and shape in each of our touring venues, and so the technical department were having to scutinise how each element of the show’s vast set entered and exited the stage.

The dancers themselves also have to be acutely aware of their performance space, so as to maintain their spacing during the big group scenes. Equally, those performing solos need to know exactly how much room they have when executing swift manèges around the stage. At Tuesday’s piano rehearsal I saw both Elisha Willis and Jenna Roberts (who made her debut in the lead role this week) dancing their solos on stage.

Meanwhile in the wings, I spotted a props cage, containing various bits and peices used during the performance.

The big pink boxes that you can see here contain the half-finished tutus which the dressmaker brings to the stepsisters for their approval prior to the Prince’s ball.

There’s also a tray stacked with cupcakes, which makes an appearance at the ball itself. We featured John Macfarlane’s designs for some of these props on the Creating Cinderella blog a few months ago. In addition, you can see the bowls in which Cinderella serves her sisters their morning porridge in the basement kitchen where she lives.

For those of you who like putting faces to names, here’s Arthur Lewis, Senior Stage Technician, who’s also been featured on the Cinderella blog, discussing more of the props used!

The Theatre Royal Plymouth also wrote about our visit on their own backstage blog. Click here to take a look!