Birmingham Royal Ballet have enjoyed some great on-line reviews of recent triple bills. These thoughts on our Pomp and Circumstances programme by Webcowgirl and this Quantum Leaps review by are two fantastic examples of our on-stage activity generating lively on-line discussion.

This was very much in mind when we titled our 2010 autumn triple bill Pointes of view. With such a variety of ballets (four pieces across three venues) we were keen to see how different people would respond to the different works.

We weren’t disappointed. For opening ballet Concerto, the middle movement proved the most popular, with Ismene Brown describing it as ‘ravishing on all counts’ in this review on Bruce Marriott over on also praised the piece, writing: ‘words like sublime and inspiring trip easily off the tongue about both the choreography and the music.’

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue was the second piece on tour. Rachel Nouchi, writing for, felt that “here, the BRB reveal in full its character, range and its ability to take on any manner of diversity of form and technique.”

In Birmingham, meanwhile, the second piece was Cranko’s The Lady and the Fool, as Slaughter on Tenth Avenue had already been performed in the Midlands as part of the summer season. Phil Preece on The Litchfield blog felt that only Nao and Chi’s star partnering had redeemed the piece from being written off as ‘fluff’, however Ian Palmer, also on, leapt brilliantly to its defence: ‘I learned that afternoon of some people that do not much care for this work and my only response is to suggest that they cannot have a heart.’

In the Upper Room was probably the most divisive piece, with people either loving it or hating it. Theo Clarke, for, lauded it a fitting crescendo to the evening (‘The piece took classical ballet and then shook it up’), while Paul Marston, for the same site, ‘found it hard going’. Ian Palmer, having been unimpressed with the piece before, skipped it altogether. Ismene Brown was a fan, writing: ‘This is one of dance’s most terrifyingly mesmerising works, and I can’t resist BRB’s mix of heroic athletes and adrenaline-fuelled young people simply having a good time.’

Phil Preece on The Litchfield blog had previously been unimpressed with In the Upper Room, but was converted this time around, writing: ‘It is nothing, and everything, it’s life, hard to seize, obvious, speeded up, put on a stage for us to recognize or not, to value or dismiss, brilliant, heartbreakingly beautiful, sublime. This is the single best thing I’ve seen so far this year. P.S. For fans, Robert Parker’s in it as well.’

What everybody agreed on, however, was that Pointes of View was a hit as a whole. called it ‘the perfect showcase for the BRB’s diversity, spirit, energy and endless pool of talented dancers’, championed it as ‘another fab myth-busting triple bill in BRB’s ballet bag’ while Paul Marston on summed it up as ‘the usual cocktail of exquisite dancing by a cast who, it seems, can do no wrong.’

Those on twitter were equally supportive of the programme. Here is a selection of some of our favourite tweets:

@ManInSeatD26 @BRB‘s Pointes of View programme – Concerto is a fabulous piece, such good movement around the stage and in keeping with the music.
@angelamatthews4 Philip Glass & @BRB make a beautiful ‘meant-to-be’ partnership in Tharp’s Upper Room. I was moved to tears.
@antoniagentile really enjoyed @BRB @brumhippodrome loved ‘The Lady and the Fool’ Really looking forward to ‘Romeo and Juliet’ next week!
@clouddancefest Thoroughly enjoyed @brb‘s Slaughter – amazing dancers, fantabulous performance!!
@libbycostello Very impressed by @BRB‘s Concerto.
@lisporter Great start to the new season @BRB In The Upper Room is still as exhilarating as the first time I saw it 11 years ago!
@PurpleClaireM Saw @BRB last night, amazing. I’ve waited years to see In The Upper Room again, I was not disappointed, a must see.
@Rowan_Mc 2nd Movement of Concerto was delicious. Have never seen a more perfect fourth position.
@Ritealot Great Birmingham Royal Ballet triple bill at Sadler’s Wells. Excellent performance.
@NickHarty @BRB In The Upper Room was extraordinary. The dancers were on FIRE with Tharp’s constantly accelerating choreography!
@SilentRio Saw Pointes of View Sat. GREAT esp. In the Upper Room. Left us about as emotionally adrenaline pumped as Tyrone’s muscles!
@ciaranec Great night at the ballet with @BRB a great triple bill a must see for the weekend.
@noicattaro Birmingham ballet’s Concerto, Slaughter on 10th ave, and In The Upper room were amazing..hope everyone saw them!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to support our shows by sharing your opinions on-line!