We’ve received an update from Jennifer Price, Company Manager for the current tour of the South West:

So, here we are in Poole. A nice theatre (very fancily lit up at night) and an… interesting… town. Anywhere with mainline train track running through the middle of the High Street is definitely entitled to that label. The Company are currently doing class, leaving me with a little down time just now, with a piano rehearsal later this afternoon and then opening tonight. Yesterday was pretty relaxed, a hassle-free journey then a few hours to get settled into the theatre and the evening off to enjoy a nice dinner. I was lucky enough to enjoy a very fresh and beautifully cooked Moby Dick style whole seabass for just £9.95. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

And so today, I am getting caught up with my correspondence. My laptop has been held against its will in Diana’s (the Stage Manager) safe since Wednesday evening due to a power failure. The manual override key was couriered down this morning so now I am back up and running (as is Diana, whose laptop was also in there). Lovely Jayne at Stage Door kindly let me hop on to her computer last night just to quickly check my email. She was subsequently forced to take a 10 minute break and drink tea, so thank you Jayne for taking one for the team. That was put to good use rounding up the local techies, who were also on their break, and fielding opinion on where I should go for dinner, which as mentioned above, was a great success!

We set off on tour on Monday and performed on Tuesday and Wednesday in Cheltenham. The audiences were very good to us and the shows went really well. The town itself is always nice to visit with lots of nice bars just across the road to fall into for a swift half after curtain down.

Now as I was typing that last paragraph, the power has gone out. I am now sitting in darkness after being told that the power to the whole of Poole is off and not expected back on for two to three hours. We have had a big pow wow for contingency planning depending on how long the power is out for and have let everyone go for an hour. Better go and get back to emergency planning and will keep you updated. What a drama!