Hello everyone! I just thought I’d grab a couple of minutes during the Swan Lake General to post an update on what’s been happening in the last couple of days.

As everyone is now working right through until we arrive back in Brum on Tuesday morning, yesterday (Wednesday) was a free day for most of the Company – although the LX department were in all day working on the lighting. The Festival organised a trip to the beach yesterday afternoon and the 40 Company members who went had a fantastic time. Everyone also managed to return sunburn-free which is something of an achievement – and particularly important for the swans given that if the skin under their white make-up is sunburnt, they turn purple under the lights!! I think that most people who didn’t go to the beach went shopping; I certainly spent a couple of hours in the mall and will be returning with a heavier suitcase!

It was back to work for everyone this morning; after class we had a two-hour stage call on Acts II and IV (the ‘white’ acts) and the General rehearsal started at 4pm; I think most people are keen to get back to the hotel and start following the election results online once we’re done here!

The local interest in our visit continues and we’ve had lots of press activity going on today which is great for our profile aswell as for ticket sales which are going extremely well. Tomorrow will be an early start as we’ve got a School’s Matinee at 10.30am – this will consist of a performance of Acts III and IV, introduced by Marion and Dom; it’s the culmination of a busy week of workshops by the Learning Department and having heard great feedback from those sessions, I think everyone is looking forward to the students seeing the show.

Quite a lot of people (me included) are still having trouble adjusting to the time difference over here – although no-one seems to have suffered as spectacularly as a certain Mr Tom Stevens on Tuesday morning. Having set his alarm for 8am, Tom thought the jet-lag was to blame for his tiredness when the alarm went off. It was only 15 minutes later when he’d got up, pottered round his room, had a shave, opened the curtains and been surprised to see that it was still dark outside, that he realised that it was actually 3.15am – the clock on his iPhone had automatically reset to UK time at midnight!