That lot is NEVER going to fit in a taxi

I thought it would be nice to write a few things about some of the activity that’s been going on back at our Birmingham HQ while the Company has been off on tour.

Once the autumn Cyrano/Quantum Leaps tour is finished (Sunderland this week, London next week), there’ll be less than a fortnight to go before Nutcracker opens. During last week’s brief break from performing duties, the dancers underwent an intensive rehearsal period for the piece. We’ll hopefully have a new behind-the-scenes video for you soon.

But even while the dancers were on tour, preparations have been going on in the Wardrobe department by a dedicated skeleton staff led by Head of Wardrobe Lili Sobieralska. All the costumes from The Nutcracker have had to be brought out of storage, and checked for any potential repair work that may need to be undertaken.

Here’s some of the jackets worn by the Nutcracker Soldiers, and in the background you can also see all of the Company’s performance activity marked on the wall planner.

Soldiers Jackets from The Nutcracker

And some Sugar Plum Fairy tutus:

Sugar Plum Tutus

As well as this, we regularly hire out sets and costumes to other companies who want to perform these productions.

We spotted Lili out of our office window yesterday afternoon (see pic at top of this post). She was overseeing the collection of six costume rails of Pineapple Poll kit, along with a wicker basket of shoes and straw boaters and various bits of nautical paraphernalia used in the piece. After a stunning impromptu rendition of the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene, I ran down and she let me take this photo for you:


So to anyone seeing us on tour this season, a big hello from everyone still at HQ in Birmingham!