Greetings from Plymouth! Everything is going very well here; everyone is enjoying doing the triple bill again after a three week gap and the sun has triumphed over the wind and rain so it looks as though it’s going to be a good week.

Giant's Causeway strip

We had a great week in Belfast last week; Cyrano looked fantastic in the beautiful Grand Opera House and the performances were all very well received. With a whole week of one programme, it also meant that everyone had a bit more time to explore the city and even to get a bit further afield. In fact, on the Friday I hired a people carrier and drove a group of seven of us up to the Giant’s Causeway; there was me, Vanda (Hewston, Deputy Head of Wardrobe), Sarah (Burton, Wardrobe Assistant), Stella (Mansfield, Wardrobe Assistant), Michael (Clifford, Shoe Supervisor), Eliska (Robenn, Deputy Stage Manager) and Ros (Dore, Assistant Stage Manager). Ros’ uncle works in the National Trust Education Centre at the Causeway and so he kindly gave us our very own 2hr guided tour of the site.

BRB at Giant's Causeway

It’s the most beautiful place – the causeway itself is quite incredible and the surrounding landscape is really amazing. It was really fascinating to hear the history of the causeway from Ros’ uncle – he told us all about the lava flows that caused the rock formation and also all of the folklore that tells the ‘alternative’ story of the formation of the causeway. The causeway was definitely a popular choice for BRB visitors; we bumped into most of the stage crew, lighting department and orchestra whilst we were up there!

Giant's Causeway

Unfortunately we ran out of time and weren’t able to drive back along the coast road (which is supposed to be absolutely spectacular) – we’ll have to save that for our next visit!

-Paul Grist, Company Manager.