Guest post by Birmingham Royal Ballet Principal, Matthew Lawrence:


Hello to everyone. I have the pleasure of reporting to you a few short thoughts on the Sylvia tour.

I’m currently writing to you from my dressing-room at the London Coliseum, and it’s hard not to feel a certain sense of history and reflect on the Maverick tours of yesteryear with BRB and The Sadlers Wells.

Tales of a dancer performing fifteen Albrechts in a row, of dancers emulating the legendary toughness of Rudolf ‘Never-off’, and of the odd shot of pre-performance whisky courage. So it is with a little embarrassment that I am sniffling with a cold and looking forward to a few weeks in Brum without shows (I blame the late nights and copious amounts of Pizza Express consumed).

Upon reflection though the tour has been great. With audiences responding unanimously well to both The Pomp and Circumstances and Sylvia performances. Dancers are innately such critical and insecure creatures, and lift visibly at the slightest sniff of an appreciative audience. So it has been great for everyone to have had such positive feed-back.

Personally I’ve really enjoyed performing the role of Orion in Sylvia. The baddies always have the most fun. To help me delve more deeply into the character David Bintley suggested that,”At the beginning of Act 2, you should have the air of a serial killer.” Great fun! Luckily I’m not a method actor, otherwise it could have been a very short and bloody ballet!!

Whoops, its half hour call already. I’d best be off and warm-up for my last show of Orion. Thank-you all for your support. It’s especially appreciated during these cash-strapped times. Until next time,

Matt Lawrence