It’s now Sunday morning and we are pleased to say that last night’s opening performance of Romeo and Juliet went really well. Pre-performance receptions, backstage tours and talks all worked like clockwork and couldn’t be more different from events earlier in the week.

Guests from IMI enjoyed a look around the backstage area and a fantastic pre-show talk from Jonathan Payn [First Soloist] who has been crucial to the success of these events. One young guest even had the opportunity to learn the sword fight from Act I with him! Birmingham University staff greeted their VIP guests and one of their employees based in China contacted us to say ‘The ballet was astonishing and beautiful. The audience very much enjoyed the show and I believe it will be very successful in Shanghai’.

Tonight sees the final performance in Beijing and we will be welcoming guests from Pinsents Masons. The ambassasor’s wife was so impressed by Beauty and the Beast that she has asked to return tonight to see Romeo and Juliet.

We also had a return visit last night from the Chairman of Airbus, China. He and his wife were guests of IMI on Tuesday evening and they were such a delightful couple and keen to see Romeo so we invited them back to see last night’s performance. They may also prove to be quite useful contacts.

I must just tell you about a funny incident last night…..Back at the hotel, following the performance, Keith [Longmore, Communications Director], Doug [Nicholson, Head of Scenic Presentation] and Simon [Harper, Press and PR Officer] fancied something to eat and so ordered 3 cheeseburgers to be delivered to Keith’s room. A short while later, there was a knock at the door and room service had arrived delivering 2 chairs. Then another knock at the door with another delivery – another chair. The order for 3 cheeseburgers had some how been translated to 3 chairs!

I Can Haz Chairsburger?

Angela [Hughes, Press and PR Manager]