Pearl [Chesterman, Director for Learning] has been in contact again overnight to add an update to the work that they’ve been doing in schools on the tour:


‘We were delighted that Chris [Barron], Tessa [King-Farlow, Chair] and Charles [King-Farlow] came out to the school to watch our work yesterday (very brave of them). 9 layers of clothing yesterday was a record! We were busy in the workshop yesterday morning, heaters we had bought were on so really cosy (NOT!) We stopped for a break and the water we had taken with us had frozen solid in the bottles, yes inside with the heating on!!!!!!!!!!

I think everyone appreciates that we were willing to brave these conditions and the children are just so gorgeous. We have loads of photos but I am frightened to download them on to this laptop incase it throws a wobbly. Today we are in the theatre so should be a bit warmer.

The children came to the NCPA yesterday. For many they had never been into the centre of Beijing and were very excited. They think it looks like a loaf of chinese bread. They were a bit alarmed at the airport style security – it’s a bit scary for us let alone 7-8 year-olds. Lee [Fisher, Head of Creative Learning] came out to see them in his woodsman costume and make-up. Their excited chatter and smiley faces didn’t need any translation.

We don’t get any time to sight-see here in Beijing but Andrew and I did brave the Peking Opera last night. ummmmm… different! The ears are still recovering; it didn’t help when we both had a fit of the giggles in the middle of it. The shoulder shaking type that makes you cry (good job we weren’t sitting near the front).

Everyone is in good spirits, looking forward to coming home now, feels like we have been away for ages.
Hi to everyone in Birmingham. See you on Monday!