‘Hi all, thought I would give you a Lighting angle on working here.


‘We are sat in the land of ‘later’ trying to get the General rehearsal started.

‘The LX department are totally in local hands, as it is not our own rig we are using, but locally sourced kit with an infinite variety of fluffy wires hanging out. I instructed Diana [Childs, Senior Stage Manager] to let the dancers know not to stand on any cables or touch any booms – they quite often roll their feet on our mains cables to ease sore arches. Not here, too risky.

‘We had a lamp out on a lighting bridge so the local techy climbed on to it 25 ft up in the air and started plugging stuff in to find the fault. Unbelievably dangerous, we responded appropriately by all taking a picture.

‘Today we have had the usual list: control room locked and man with key not here; the computerised flying system crashed again with the scenery half way in and we had to wait an hour for those responsible to arrive and fix it again; organ effect in the show not being heard because the sound man has left, taken his equipment away AND locked the control room; follow spots still at lunch and also locked out; no heating on stage; wardrobe sockets blowing up; the absent sound guy only turning up in order to put the orchestra foldback through the front of house PA with a bit of reverb (try dancing to the echoey Chas and Dave style Prokofiev) and the lighting desk losing power.

‘At least the coach driver brought us to the right building this morning. Oh and Paul Murphy is now singing the missing instrument parts and shouting ‘4! 4!’ at the orchestra!

‘It is, without a doubt a special challenge. We may just be able to open R&J!


Johnny Westall-Eyre’